Card & Passport Management

Accuracy in authentication

The limits of traditional identification and travel documents have been laid bare in the modern age of global travel.

The process of comparing a photo printed on a document to the live appearance of the person presenting themselves at the checkpoint has numerous vulnerabilities. Entire documents or portions of the data they contain can be forged or falsified. The reliability of the human controller is also an issue, and is subject to bribery, malfeasance or simple fatigue.

The new generation of ID card and passport systems augments traditional processes with automatic verification techniques based on digitized biometric data of document holders. Human error is eliminated during the process of matching biometric data with live data from the document holder, delivering verification levels otherwise unattainable with conventional ID documents.

Works with standard and chipped documents

Veridos’ HIGHSEC® IMAGO is a configurable framework for data enrollment, document personalization, quality assurance, issuing and verification of identification documents. Based on project specific configuration it supports various types of ID cards, including driver’s licenses, work permit cards, passports and visas. The issued documents can be “standard” versions without a chip or electronic versions with either contact-based or contactless microprocessors. Various security document materials and document formats are supported – from document sheets made out of security paper all the way to various plastic materials and passport books.

Biometrics, microprocessor and cryptologic technologies in ID documents impact the entire lifecycle of an ID document and the functionalities of the document issuance system. Through HIGHSEC® IMAGO, Veridos has developed a proven modular hardware and software system covering all stages of the process – from first enrollment of biometric data to border control of the final security documents.

Compatible with Public Key Infrastructure

HIGHSEC® IMAGO complies with all international specifications concerning ID documents, types, formats and quality of biometric data, as well as with specifications for data security and usage of electronic ID documents.

The switchover to modern electronic ID documents also eliminates the doubt of identification in the virtual world: electronic ID cards are compatible with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for secure authentication of users in eGovernment and eBusiness applications.